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Dans ma maison il y a....une danseuse

Jawel, een danseuse.....en aangezien Phaidra tegenwoordig ballet zo leuk vindt om te zien (vooral in een oud balletboek van mij) bedacht mijn brein dat het leuk zou zijn om een plastic fles om te toveren in een balletvoorstelling......

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Nettie zei

your daughter loves the house: so do I! it is fabulous! I thought of doing a house with curtains, to be like a stage, but in the end I didn't, I would never have thought of this great idea tho! Bravo!

L4a zei

aah thanks!!! well...it's just that it didn't go as I wanted....I chose the softest fabric, but still it's too sturdy/rugged, it doesn't "fall" nicely. Than...the "house" is a wee bit too high, so the spinner is too short. I wanted to drew the audience myself, so I did, spent an hour and a half on it and it ended up in the bin....I got a stain on the designpaper...the knob turned out to be a different colour, I used the wrong colour embossingpowder...love the utee, that was my first time ever using it....the plastic started to melt when I had my blowdryer on it too long...and so on....maybe I'll try something like this again, I have two more kids, lol...

Vicki C zei

Love it!

Athena zei

It's gorgeous and very different!

ISA zei

Really original, i love it too :-)